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We are committed to preventing finances from being a barrier to those who are seeking either our services or a copy of the book.

In this spirit, we provide as much scholarship assistance as we can to communities and groups who cannot otherwise afford to compensate us for our in-person work. Additionally, we have donated many copies of the book to those in need around the world.

Should you wish to share some of your resources so that others may benefit from either receiving a book or having access to our in-person work, we will gratefully accept your donation.

The Trauma Stewardship Institute supports a number of causes each year. Should there be a cause you’d like us to consider, please bring it to our attention.

If you would like to get involved in this way all you have left to do is reach out.

Laura's work has been a gift to me. I've been sharing her work with everyone I meet. Laura is able to connect with people in a way that helps each individual understand the impact that their work has on their life—and then to laugh a bit, learn a bit, and find ways to care for yourself so that you can show up each day and be your best self. The lessons that Laura is able to help us learn are invaluable to maintaining any type of balance between work and life. She truly is the reason that I am able to sustain my work.

Denise Johnson May

Patient Education and Support Manager
Planned Parenthood