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Each of us has the potential to be affected directly or indirectly by the suffering, hardship, crisis, or trauma experienced by other humans, living beings, or the planet itself.

People who hear about the ideas of trauma stewardship often become leaders in spreading the word. Every day I receive e-mails from people throughout the world describing the ways that they have applied the concepts of trauma stewardship to their lives.

The book has been used as a theme for conferences, staff retreats, book groups, study groups, and support groups. It has been translated. It has been the impetus behind workplace exercise programs and yoga classes. It has been passed along from coworker to coworker, friend to friend, and family member to family member.

If you would like to help move trauma stewardship out into the world, you might consider:

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Both professionally and personally, Laura exudes integrity, a contagious energy, and an unparalleled passion and compassion for helping others deal with trauma. She consistently delivers her message of care with eloquence, humor, and incredible knowledge. She is an absolute joy and a pleasure to work with.      

Lisa Willis

National Program Director
The Moyer Foundation