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Our Clients

Our Clients

We've had the great privilege of working with too many folks over the last 27 years to name them all here, but a sampling of our comrades includes:


As a seasoned professional who has been in the human services field for over four decades, I was reluctant to attend yet another training on “care of the self in the context of our work” and was happy to send key staff instead. Serendipitously, I did attend Laura’s workshop and was extremely grateful that I did. Laura is able to convey with passion and clarity the incredible importance of truly honoring ourselves as part of the work we do. Her sincerity and profound message gave me impetus to shift my management style and personal priorities to one in which we, the workers, matter. Her gift to our organization has made a lasting impact in the way we do our work. My deepest gratitude to you, Laura, for the treasures you share!

Lorraine Robinson

Executive Director
TJ Mahoney & Associates, Ka Hale Ho‘āla Hou No Nā Wāhine (The Home of Reawakening for Women)