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Read Peter Hermann's interview with Laura in Joyful Heart Foundation's magazine Reunion.

I first met Laura at a vicarious trauma seminar presented to people who provide services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence.  The audience consisted of counselors, advocates, first responders, funders, clergy, law enforcement, etc. What makes Laura’s presentation vastly different from others is her use of storytelling and comic relief!  She literally uses cartoons to illustrate examples of stress, anxiety, worry, concern, and then provides tools to help overcome these effects. Laura has the ability to transform her presentation to accommodate varying audiences, and because of this, I have recommended her as a speaker both on a state and federal level.  She is a skilled presenter who has empathy for the trauma an individual might face and the ability to provide skills to help that individual, all the while infusing her own joie de vivre!

Kim Oppelt

Violence Against Women Specialist
VAWA Unit, NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services