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Who We Are

The Trauma Stewardship Institute

Through keynote speeches, experiential workshops, occasionally through direct consultation, we offer practical tools for cultivating the deep self-knowledge and systemic insights that are at the core of trauma stewardship.

Ours is an in-the-trenches approach; we've been there. Many folks find us because they notice the work they do in the service of other humans or the planet is taking a toll on them, their coworkers, their team, their community. They may notice that morale is low, individuals are getting tired, people are constantly feeling like they can’t do enough, systems are overwhelmed, or cynicism is at an all-time high.

Folks also reach out to us in times of acute crisis. They may seek help in responding to the collective trauma associated with instances of intentional violence in a community or to the ongoing trauma that is experienced by citizens and relief workers in the wake of small- or large-scale natural or environmental disasters.

Our expertise lies in:

I have been in the criminal justice system for 36 years -- as a District Attorney for 17 and a judge for 19. I have regularly witnessed others relate the trauma they have experienced first hand. Laura van Dernoot Lipsky presents compelling evidence of the impact witnessing trauma has on the observer. I recommend her work to anyone engaged in criminal justice work as well as any other profession that brings that person into close encounter with the trauma suffered by others.

John Collins

Presiding Judge, 25th Judicial District, Yamhill County