This week’s conversation is with activist, community builder, lawyer, and DEI leader Lezlie Griffin. Through her work with Earthworks, Lezlie supports employees in their devoted efforts to prevent fossil fuel and mining initiatives, and to change and enforce laws that hold companies responsible for the pollution and harm that they cause. Lezlie offers us sage insight and advice on how we can find ways to navigate our own overwhelm around the climate crisis and all the inequities, exhaustion, and despair it can carry with it. She and Laura discuss solastalgia, the importance of staying present and not future tripping, why pacing oneself is critical, and how the seemingly small things do actually make a difference. While communities around the world are under water, on fire, and experiencing record weather patterns, we owe a debt of gratitude to Lezlie – and all of her colleagues in the field – who bring their best to fight this fight every day and continue to envision what is possible.

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About Lezlie

Lezlie Griffin joined Earthworks in January 2022 as the first Director of Talent and Equity. She has over ten years of career development and diversity, equity, and inclusion experience, and she has held senior leadership positions at two top law schools, The University of Alabama School of Law and most recently at Tulane Law School, where she was Assistant Dean for Career Development & Diversity Initiatives prior to joining Earthworks. Additionally, Lezlie previously practiced labor and employment law with a national labor union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). She remains an active member of The Florida Bar. Lezlie is a two-time graduate of Tulane Law School, earning both her JD and a Master of Laws in International and Comparative Law. Additionally, she’s a summa cum laude graduate of Troy University with a BS in Broadcast Journalism and Public Relations. Outside of work, Lezlie enjoys traveling, reading, and gardening.