Ed Yong from The Atlantic Quote Slide

Received this gift from the incredible science journalist Ed Yong with The Atlantic after Laura sent him an email thanking him for his insightful reporting: "Laura, this email made my day, and likely for reasons you could not possibly have guessed. My wife works as the executive director of a storytelling organization and we talk constantly about the emotional burden and responsibility of bearing witness to other people's stories. A few years ago, I gave her your book as a Christmas present to thank her for all that she does, and she has found the ideas within it so incredibly useful ever since. Just to clarify, I haven't yet read it, but Liz and I have discussed the ideas within it a lot, and they've animated a lot of how I think about my work; it's no small part of why I write about the mental health of public health professionals and others on the front lines of modern disasters. So when you say that you are moved by my reporting, what you're seeing is some of your own work reflected back at you. I hope that's a light in these dark times."