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  • Doug Baldwin & Laura In Conversation

    In this unique video, former NFL wide receiver & Super Bowl Champion with the Seattle Seahawks and current founder of the Family First Community Center, philanthropist, and CEO Doug Baldwin sits down for a conversation with trauma expert, author of Trauma Stewardship and The Age of Overwhelm, and founder of The Trauma Stewardship Institute Laura van Dernoot Lipsky.

    They discuss trauma, overwhelm, bearing witness, mental health, and life.

  • A Q & A session with Laura van Dernoot Lipsky

    Asked by a wonderful colleague of ours – who is surviving a heartbreaking community loss – to put together a short Q & A session, we’ve assembled this for anyone who is in need.

  • Fast Company: Why you feel overwhelmed at work

    Laura in Fast Company by Rajkumari Neogy. Why you feel overwhelmed at work and how to manage.

  • Seattle Times: College applications are complicated — take a breath

    Laura in the Seattle Times by Carter Osborne. College applications are complicated — take a breath

  • Beyond the Cliff, TEDxWashington Corrections Center for Women

    Laura had the privilege of joining others at the 2015 TEDx Conference at the Washington Corrections Center for Women. To see some of the other profoundly moving talks given by women living there as well as those working in related fields, go here.

We live in an age of complete and utter overwhelm and we need to learn how to shift. Elle magazine
Still, van Dernoot Lipsky writes, people who are working to help those who suffer must somehow reconcile their own joy - the authentic wonder and delight in life - with the irrefutable fact of suffering in the world. The New York Times
Trauma survivors ... healthcare providers ... people who are on the front lines of the econ protection movement ... you cover a lot of ground! - CBS Radio