Tatum Dahl is a Social Media Maven and Influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and millions of likes on Tik Tok. A recent college graduate, she has years of experience navigating public opinion and public scrutiny. In the often-overwhelming landscape of young adulthood, navigating one’s life privately can be daunting enough. In this episode Tatum and Laura talk about both the privilege and challenges of being in the spotlight on social media for millions to relate to, learn from, and – not infrequently – judge. She shares strategies for balancing the highlight reel nature of social media with being one’s authentic self, and for finding oneself after losing oneself in little, or big, ways.

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About Tatum Dahl

Born and raised in Seattle, Tatum works in marketing and as an Influencer. She is a University of Washington graduate with a unique background in the world of brand partnerships and content creation. Tatum has worked on both sides of the entertainment industry, as a content creator herself managing her own brand with a large social following, and in the world of product placement and brand integration with agency experience. Tatum is an adventurist at heart and thrives in outdoor settings.