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Future Tripping with Laura van Dernoot Lipsky - The Trauma Stewardship Institute

We’re all feeling overwhelmed right now.

This podcast will help.


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Recent Episodes

  • Julie Lythcott-Haims: Adulting is Hard a-n-d We Can All Do Hard Things
    Adulting. There’s really not a prescribed age when it starts or when it ends. In this week’s episode, Laura talks to critically acclaimed author, teacher, activist and parent, Julie Lythcott-Haims. They talk about Julie’s decades of experience with both young adults and their parents/guardians and how, often, less is more. Julie beautifully speaks to one of the themes of her work with young adults which is “You matter.” Unconditionally. Not when this or if this. Just you. Yourself. They connect on their backgrounds and intersecting paths, their work, and their hope for doing all they can to alleviate overwhelm, and the roots of overwhelm, for anyone who finds themselves mired in adulting. Whether you want to grow up, don’t want to grow up, or do or don’t want that for someone else, this conversation is for you!
  • Jilyne Jarvis: World Competitor to Mentor of Many
    This week Laura connects with former U.S. Ski Team member, non-profit founder and girls’ advocate, Jilyne Jarvis. Together they explore the realm of self-confidence and Jilyne talks about her professional competitive years and the consequences of a culture with a hyper focus on performance, outcome and external validation. Determined to change things, Jilyne co-founded an organization that supports girls in confidence building and learning to accept fear and mistakes as essential stepping stones towards learning and growth. Jilyne is a gift to countless young people and it was such a joy to have her join us!
  • Cameron Rogers, Freckled Foodie: From Wall Street to Wellness
    This week, Laura talks with fellow podcaster and mental health advocate Cameron Rogers, aka Freckled Foodie. On her multiple platforms, Cameron shares authentic content about wellness, mental health, motherhood and popular culture. In this episode, she and Laura discuss her choice after a life-altering accident to pivot from Wall Street to Content Creation where she is able to be her real self and create community for others. She and Laura touch on a number of topics that continue to hold stigma for some and delve into how to change that, individually and collectively.

About the Show

We will have conversations about what to do in the face of our overwhelm and how to do it, and we will be guided by listeners’ questions.

Each week, Laura and a guest will discuss concrete strategies we can use to mitigate harm, cultivate our ability to bring our A-game to whatever we’re doing (or as close as we can get), and move beyond what can feel like permanent survival mode. Some weeks will be geared more towards adults, and others towards adolescents and anyone who loves, lives, or works with them. Together, we’ll focus on the merits of staying present, not missing out on today, and trying to avoid future tripping.

We hope that Future Tripping will offer listeners insight into what is currently overwhelming them and tactical skills for sustaining themselves and contributing, however much they’d like, to larger systemic and structural changes.

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Guests Include

  • Ed Yong
  • Lily Cornell Silver
  • Vance Vredenburg
  • Connie Burk
  • Beth Macy
  • Flynn Resnick
  • Michele Storms
  • Jon Conte
  • Matthew Reddam
  • Welela Solomon
  • Brother Pháp Hữu

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About Laura

Laura van Dernoot Lipsky is the founder and director of The Trauma Stewardship Institute and author of Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self While Caring for Others and The Age of Overwhelm. Widely recognized as a pioneer in the field of trauma exposure, she has worked locally, nationally, and internationally for more than three decades.

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