We are taking a few weeks off the grid. Hoping you enjoy these episodes from the archives.

In this not to be missed episode, we are joined by a very special guest. Laura talks with 6-year-old Casey and their mom, Abigail, about being non-binary and gender expansive. Casey generously shares with us their insights, experiences and advice for other children and adults. We even get some book recommendations! Abigail then offers us a window into their family’s journey and what it means to her to be a fierce advocate for creating a world where all children see themselves.  

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About Abigail and Casey

Abigail (she/her) is a multiracial Midwestern mom who spent multiple years teaching elementary school and working with marginalized children. She now applies her dedication to social justice and education in her work as a researcher – and of course as a parent.

Casey (she/they) is a multiracial, vivacious child who loves every kind of art, exploring nature, and being a friend to all. Casey is a thoughtful and natural-born leader who has always been unafraid to challenge norms, be true to themselves, and stand up for others.