We are taking a few weeks off the grid. Hoping you enjoy these episodes from the archives.

This week Laura talks with her friend and colleague Matt Reddam. Matt is a survivor of complex childhood trauma and now works with children, families, schools and systems in a variety of roles. He lives in Butte County which experienced the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California’s history. Matt shares his belief that creating connection – even when there are differences and divisions – is the key to moving forward, healing and rebuilding oneself and one’s community. They discuss the importance of normalizing conversations about overwhelm, trauma, and mental health – especially among men and within our educational systems. Matt’s abiding sense of humor, authenticity, and hopefulness is a reminder for us all of what is possible, even in the aftermath of the unthinkable.

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About Matt

Matt Reddam is a licensed therapist and current School and Community Wellness Advisor for the Butte County Office of Education. The former Policy and Practice Coordinator for Trauma Transformed Bay Area, Matt is recognized as an expert in traumatic stress and an advocate for marginalized and historically subjugated populationsfocusing on the consultation and training of large systems. After the Camp Fire in 2018, Matt began working primarily within Butte County, and continues to support the health and wellness of the community of Paradise.