Workshops & Retreats


Past participants have lauded Laura’s workshops as “enlightening,” “practical,” “heaven-sent,” “perfect timing,” “nothing like I thought it would be,” and “a necessity.”

When you want to go a little deeper or when you want to get away, either as a workplace or as a community, this could be just the thing. Sometimes a workshop follows a keynote and sometimes it stands alone. Sometimes a workshop lasts two hours and sometimes two days. Whatever the format, workshops offer a practical, holistic approach to caring for ourselves as we do the essential work of caring for others or the planet.

Laura leads workshops solo, but she is often part of gatherings that include yoga, art, acupuncture, martial arts, and teachings by esteemed leaders and healers from a broad array of traditions. She travels to urban areas as well as to places that are far, far away.

Share your vision with us, and we can help you creatively design a program that meets your needs.

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I was introduced to the concept of trauma stewardship when I skeptically attended one of Laura’s trainings. I was concerned that it was going to be a discussion about the difficulty and hazards of our work that ultimately ended being a glorified venting session. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Laura is a veteran of the work that we do and has a personal understanding of the cost associated with helping others through trauma. I left the training with real tools and a true respect for Laura’s ability to teach. Knowledge and wisdom don’t often travel in the same person. Laura van Dernoot Lipsky is willing and able to impart a great deal of both.

Executive Director, Bakersfield Homeless Center