This week’s conversation is with Lily Cornell Silver. Lily is a college student, musician and devoted mental health advocate. This episode brings you our first of many episodes with adolescents and young adults, the people who hold the future of our world in their hearts and hands. Lily is the host of the podcast Mind Wide Open, created in honor of her father, the beloved musician Chris Cornell, to destigmatize conversations around mental health and to encourage action in supporting and sustaining oneself through all that we encounter in life. Lily and Laura discuss Lily’s experiences navigating grief, trauma and overwhelm, and Lily shares what she’s found to be helpful in the aftermath of loss, and how she has interrupted isolation around despair, including when that moved into the realm of suicidal ideation. They discuss trauma mastery and rising to the challenge of being compassionate with others while also being self-respecting and realistic. Join Laura and Lily as they strategize on living in the moment and maintaining hope for the future, even in the face of broken systems and immense uncertainty.

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About Lily Cornell Silver

Lily Cornell Silver is a twenty-one year old college student and mental health advocate. She is the creator and host of Mind Wide Open, a mental health focused interview series with over a million streams and counting, that aims to reduce the stigma around mental health. Named a 2020 Leader of Mental Health Awareness by NAMI, Lily is the only daughter of music industry manager, Susan Silver, and first-born daughter of the late Soundgarden/Audioslave singer, Chris Cornell. Her experiences with her own mental health struggles and the loss of her father to suicide guide Lily in poised and earnest discussions, which amplify the conversations around trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, and other challenges. You can find episodes of Mind Wide Open along with her other work at