Transitions are often overwhelming. In this episode, Laura and Flynn dive in, covering grief to growth, pandemic isolation to reconnection, and adolescence to young adulthood. Flynn, a college student in NYC, shares about being the only trans person in his high school, surviving sexual assault, losing his beloved mother, and moving across the country to start film school. Together they reflect on how small strategies can have big impacts on mitigating overwhelm and bringing new perspectives. 

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About Flynn

Flynn David Resnick is a filmmaker and writer from Seattle, WA who now lives in New York City where he attends film school in the West Village. He has been engaged in LGBTQ+ activism as well as mental health advocacy since his early years of high school. He suffers from Post Traumatic Stress and hopes to be able to share his story and give advice on the topic to help others, whether because of their own trauma or more encompassing overwhelm. In his free time Flynn enjoys spending time with his family’s Australian Shepherd puppy, as well as playing video games with his friends.