For most teenagers, standing at the threshold of adulthood is both exciting and overwhelming – especially right now with so much uncertainty looming. In this episode, Laura talks with Welela, a high school senior and first-generation Ethiopian- American, about the fraught landscape of young adulthood. And how, with a number of strategies, she’s able to mitigate the overwhelm that feels ever-present, whether due to social media, being over-scheduled, or the push towards perfectionism.

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About Welela Solomon

Welela Solomon is a senior in high school and was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She is a first-generation Ethiopian-American and volunteers with several organizations that work with underserved communities locally and globally. Throughout her life, she has had to navigate how to balance traditional Ethiopian familial values with the western values that surround her, and she hopes that through this conversation on overwhelm, she can give insight into this complexity that she continues to face. In her free time, Welela loves to spend time with family and friends and to dance – a lot.