In this episode Laura speaks with Mallory, a US Air Force veteran, flight attendant/trainer, and PhD candidate. They discuss the onslaught of new and overwhelming challenges that those in the aviation industry are facing, and the lack of systemic support.  Mallory describes how isolating and dehumanizing the job can feel, and she offers us all a checklist of things we can do to make everyone’s travel a little bit better.

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About Mallory

As an Orlando native, Mallory attended Seminole State College before graduating from the University of Central Florida with a Criminal Justice B.S., Middle Eastern Minor, and a certification in Security Management. During her time in the US Air Force, she was a linguist and earned a degree in Farsi. She earned her Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology in 2020 and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Walden for I/O Psychology with a focus in Aviation. Starting in the service industry followed by the Air Force, Mallory knew long ago that aviation and those working in aviation were her passion. The position of an Instructor in the College of Inflight is one that Mallory has been working towards since her first day of her orientation in 2018. She looks forward to continuing her career in aviation with an emphasis on well-being.