This week Laura talks to the internationally renowned DJ and Director of On-Air Programming at KEXP Radio, John Richards. As Host of The Morning Show, John talks openly about mental health while playing music for his listeners. During the pandemic he tripled his listenership as people flocked to his unique radio space where he regularly assures them that, “You are not alone.” In their conversation, he and Laura talk about the responsibilities, challenges, and joy that come with the privilege of offering support and creating community for others. John speaks about the toll that the daily exposure of hearing about other people’s overwhelm takes on him. And they get into detailed practices of how to reset and recharge. Of course, one practice we strongly recommend: tune in to The Morning Show and benefit from John’s deeply insightful, warm, creative, and healing presence. 

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About John

John Richards is Director of On-Air Programming and has been the Host and Producer of The Morning Show on 90.3 KEXP in Seattle for more than 20 years. Today his show reaches hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. At KEXP he hires and develops on-air talent and is responsible for many of the creative themes and series, including the Music Heals series. He also hosts an independent podcast The Dr and the DJ with his wife Dr. Amy Lindsey about the power of music, health & community.

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