This week, Laura talks with fellow podcaster and mental health advocate Cameron Rogers, aka Freckled Foodie. On her multiple platforms, Cameron shares authentic content about wellness, mental health, motherhood and popular culture. In this episode, she and Laura discuss her choice after a life-altering accident to pivot from Wall Street to Content Creation where she is able to be her real self and create community for others. She and Laura touch on a number of topics that continue to hold stigma for some and delve into how to change that, individually and collectively.

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About Cameron

Cameron Rogers is a Content Creator and host of the weekly podcast Freckled Foodie & Friends, engaging with guests and listeners about wellness, mental health, motherhood and popular culture. Prior to pursuing Freckled Foodie full-time, Cameron worked on Wall Street for five years, until she was in a life-altering accident and decided it was time to change the trajectory of her work to embody things she deeply cares about. She is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness, and in 2021 she became a mother and expanded her content to include her experiences as a parent. Cameron discusses her challenges with pregnancy, postpartum depression, and parenting during a pandemic – always in pursuit of a genuine discourse on the multi-faceted experience of motherhood. She was named one of Forbes’ “Five Entrepreneurs Who are Changing New York’s Wellness Scene”. Her career fearlessness and robust entrepreneurial skills have garnered features in The Washington Post, BuzzFeed, and Yahoo News. She has worked with brands such as Nike, New York-Presbyterian, BabyBjorn, and Ritual.

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