This week Laura connects with former U.S. Ski Team member, non-profit founder and girls’ advocate, Jilyne Jarvis. Together they explore the realm of self-confidence and Jilyne talks about her professional competitive years and the consequences of a culture with a hyper focus on performance, outcome and external validation. Determined to change things, Jilyne co-founded an organization that supports girls in confidence building and learning to accept fear and mistakes as essential stepping stones towards learning and growth. Jilyne is a gift to countless young people and it was such a joy to have her join us!

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About Jilyne

Jilyne Jarvis is a seven-time NCAA All-American and former U.S. Ski Team member. In 2014, she co-founded a nonprofit organization, ZGiRLS (, which equips 11-14 year old girls with the mental tools they need to build confidence for life. ZGiRLS combines the proven scientific methods of building confidence with the real-life experiences of professional female athletes like Sue Bird, Natasha Hastings, Lindsey Vonn, Ashley Wagner, and many more.