This week we are so grateful to be joined by New York Times best-selling author and Executive Producer and writer of the Hulu series – and Emmy nominated! – Dopesick. Beth Macy and Laura discuss the arc of Beth’s life and career and the enormous challenges of maintaining one’s own equilibrium when surrounded by extreme despair. Beth’s devotion to giving voice to those who are so often disregarded and forgotten is unparalleled, and it was a true honor to have her join us during her book launch week. For everyone who has found themselves questioning how they can keep going with the work of making the world a better place, this conversation is for you.

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About Beth

Beth Macy is a Virginia-based journalist and author who writes about outsiders and underdogs. Her award-winning books include Factory Man, Truevine, and Dopesick, the latter of which was the basis for the recent series on Hulu, for which she served as a co-writer and Executive Producer. The series has received 14 Emmy nominations. Her new book, just released this week, is a sequel to Dopesick, called “Raising Lazarus: Hope, Justice, and the Future of America’s Overdose Crisis.”