Join Laura this week as she talks with an esteemed leader in the Anti-Violence and Domestic Violence fields, Deadria Boyland. Having done this work for over 30 years, Deadria brings her wealth of knowledge to the conversation and together they discuss how we can recognize manipulation, control, and abuse in our own relationships as well as in relationships of loved ones and those around us. Whether it’s a blossoming relationship in middle school or a long-held one by older adults, warning signs are discussed and strategies are offered. Importantly, Laura and Deadria remind us that abuse in relationships can happen to anyone and that it’s imperative we reflect on our own judgments and stereotypes. And because no conversation with Deadria is complete without laughter, they find the levity where they can, even within this complex and critically important topic. 

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About Deadria

Deadria Boyland has dedicated her life to our anti-violence movement. Any of you who are familiar with Trauma Stewardship will remember Deadria! She began her work over 30 years ago as a Shelter Advocate in the Pacific Northwest. Now, Deadria elevates state and national anti-violence work as the Director of Membership & Advocacy of the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Countless families have benefited from her kindness and knowledge over the years, and too many colleagues to name have had the great privilege of working alongside her.

Show Notes & Links

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