In our final episode of Season One, Laura speaks with Robin Brulé. Written about in The Age of Overwhelm, Robin’s mother and close friend were murdered while drinking coffee and reading the morning paper in their home. Robin speaks about her path from the day that forever changed her life through today and offers listeners encouragement to take time, truly take time, to grieve and mourn, and shares why having realistic expectations of oneself is critical. She and Laura also talk about the incredibly important work Robin does to help survivors of domestic violence access the financial tools necessary to become financially independent and stable. Robin embodies what a beautiful and meaningful life can look like, even in the aftermath of indescribable heartbreak. 

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About Robin

Robin Brulé is a fierce advocate for social justice with a strong track record of engineering, piloting, and scaling holistic, integrative programs that remove barriers and close the gaps in economic equity. She builds relationships that unite community stakeholders, including government, non-profit, academia and a cross-section of business, and her work has influenced new practices and policies across the nation and driven large-scale systems transformation in education, healthcare, wealth building, income support, workforce development, and equitable economic development. Robin is a Senior Director in Philanthropic Partnerships at Filene Research Institute, and has received two Harvard Ash Innovation Awards and a Spotlight on Poverty Ideas for Action Award. She is an Annie E. Casey Children and Family Fellow, an Opportunity Finance Network Fellow, and the National Association of Federal Credit Unions “Professional of the Year.” She is also an Everytown Survivor Fellow and works on public health and safety policy to prevent gun violence.