We continue our launch of Season Two talking with Flynn Coleman about the urgency of humanely designed artificial intelligence, what it means to work for social and environmental justice in a sustainable way, and why it’s critical to not neglect joy & beauty. Flynn is an international human rights attorney, author, and artificial intelligence expert. Having spent years at the forefront of conversations on the urgency of humanely designed AI, Flynn and Laura talk about how quickly the current landscape is changing and the larger implications of what it means to do work that will never be completed in one’s own lifetime. They explore the importance of being kind, flexible, and curious with oneself when making choices of how to spend one’s time and where to direct one’s attention. And with Flynn living in Florence, Italy, they affirm the importance of creating space for beauty, whether that is art, multilingualism, or connection with loved ones. We are delighted to learn from Flynn’s incredible life experience and while parts of their conversation are particularly relevant to the here and now, even more of it is timeless.

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About Flynn

Flynn Coleman is an author, international human rights attorney, environmental advocate, Fellow at Harvard and Yale, and professor. She has spoken, written, and taught on war crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity, truth and reconciliation commissions, emerging technologies, behavioral economics and behavioral science, political reconciliation, the intersection of human and environmental rights, the future of autonomous weaponry and war, post-conflict and transitional justice, artificial intelligence, gender equity, access to justice and education, and the future of truth, democracy, and humanity.

She is the author of the book, A Human Algorithm, a groundbreaking narrative on the urgency of humanely designed AI and a guidebook to reimagining life in the era of intelligent technology.

Flynn writes and speaks about what it means to be human, and what it means to be humane.

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