Stella was 14 when she died and yet her life has left an indelible legacy on everyone who was blessed to know her. Today, we have the privilege of talking with her older sister who was with her from when the diagnosis was received until she passed away. The family was blessed with an incredibly loving community and a deep bench of support and yet, there is nothing quite like the sibling bond when it comes to a loss of this magnitude and the ensuing heartbreak. We are honored that Charlotte was willing to share so honestly and candidly in this conversation. Her wisdom, insights, and advice are a gift to all of us – whether or not we’ve ever lost someone.

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About Charlotte

Charlotte Thone just graduated from the University of Washington where she majored in Political Science and minored in Law, Spanish, and Human Rights. She is planning on pursuing a career in law. Her favorite book is White Teeth by Zadie Smith, her favorite artist is Taylor Swift, and her favorite quote (right now) is: “And when I turned to face grief, I saw that it was just love in a heavy coat.” ~ Shannon Barry