ADHD, despite many advancements, remains widely misunderstood. We are so fortunate to be joined this week by expert Lesley Todaro, the Co-founder of the Hallowell Todaro ADHD Center. We get all [all that can fit into an hour that is!] our questions answered. Approaching this entirely from a strengths-based perspective, we learn what, exactly, ADHD is and gain a clearer sense of the misinformation that surrounds it. Lesley compassionately talks about both what’s beautiful and what’s challenging for all involved and offers listeners extremely concrete strategies for being as constructive and wise as possible. We truly appreciate the opportunity to do such a deep dive with Lesley on this incredibly important topic.

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About Lesley

Lesley is the Co-Founder of the Hallowell Todaro ADHD Center. She brings a strength-based approach to her work with clients, moving beyond a negative focus on diagnosis and instead working with each client to help them understand and take advantage of the gifts that often accompany their unique challenges. The experience of facing some of these challenges in her own family prompted Lesley to deepen her understanding of ADHD through intensive postgraduate training with Dr. Edward Hallowell, a national leader in the field of ADHD research and treatment.

In addition to her post-graduate training with Dr. Hallowell, Lesley holds a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy (Antioch University); a B.S. in Elementary Education (Lesley University) and certification administering the GAIN assessment — a chemical dependency diagnostic tool which she utilized in her practice at the Science and Management of Addictions, SAMA from 2011-2014.