There are many long-held cultural practices that have new science bolstering them, and cold water immersion is definitely one of those. Matt Soule is Washington state’s only Level 3 Wim Hof Method instructor and has been studying and practicing strategies to help master one’s stress response for years. In this conversation, Matt and Laura walk through very practical, accessible, concrete ways to reset one’s nervous system – all with safety as the absolute priority. Because of Matt’s expertise, he’s also able to offer a great deal of insight into both the physiological benefits as well as the deeper lessons there for us to learn. Having Matt translate the art and science around this was a real gift.

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About Matt

Matt is an author, entrepreneur and professional instructor focusing on stress tools that develop peak potential. He is Washington state’s only Level 3 Wim Hof Method Instructor and a professional martial arts teacher. He toured with Wim Hof worldwide, teaching physical exercises, meditations and breathing techniques and is a Wim Hof Method Academy teacher trainer. In 2021 he published “Mastering the Stress Response”, highlighting the 5 fundamental root stressors and the means to leverage those key pathways of stress to propel us all toward our best lives. He is the Director and Head Instructor of the Tsun Jo® Martial Arts System, a survival self-defense fighting method and has run Greenlake Martial Arts School (GMA) in Seattle, WA for more than a decade.