Today I have the privilege of talking with Lily Levitt. I first heard Lily share a bit about her life when talking with her father, Steven Levitt, on his podcast People I Mostly Admire – part of the Freakonomics network. In our conversation, she powerfully shares about her struggle with, and recovery from, disordered eating. I am extremely grateful she was open to joining us so we can learn from her tremendous wisdom and admirable honesty.

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About Lily

Lily is a recent college graduate from Vassar College with a degree in Psychology. She has worked closely with The National Alliance for Eating Disorders, the leading national nonprofit for Eating Disorders, and, a platform that provides support and pathways of de-escalation with peers who are trained, certified, and supervised by mental health professionals. Lily also runs an eating disorder recovery page on Instagram which you can find @recoveryandiscovery.