Obsessive thoughts and compulsive behavior remain widely misunderstood. We are fortunate to be joined this week by Sarah Weber who has worked for years as an art therapist and mental health counselor. While many listening may not have ever felt the experience of obsessing about something, you likely know someone who does. Now and then or regularly. Sarah walks us through so much practical and instructive knowledge and guidance. We really appreciate her joining us to help further our understanding of this realm of worry and all the different ways it can manifest.

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About Sarah

Sarah Weber is an artist, art therapist, and mental health counselor in Washington and Oregon states. She integrates use of evidence-based practices and expressive therapies to support adolescents and adults living with anxiety, OCD and trauma. Sarah has clinical experience in a range of settings from schools to the higher levels of care in the mental health system. She is now in a solo private practice and creating community for therapists through collaborative consultations groups. More information about Sarah’s art and mental health practice can be found here: sarah-weber.org.