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Because we believe in working in coalition, we urge you to join with others as you plan an event in which you’d invite us to participate. We strongly suggest that you take this first step even before you contact us.

You can begin your trauma stewardship by thinking about potential collaborators in your area, state, or region. Let your mind be open. There are no restrictions to the participants you might consider, because this work applies to everyone. You could reach out to the humane society as well as your local military base; you could invite police officers and public defenders, judges and nurses, schoolteachers and firefighters, foster parents, and those providing home care for loved ones. You get the idea.

There is absolutely no limit—on our end—to the number of individuals who may attend or to the variety and breadth of disciplines, fields, or professions. Creating a larger, cross-disciplinary gathering helps decrease isolation, works towards building a critical mass of those striving for sustainability, and will be a more effective use of your resources.

Once you’ve explored options for collaboration, the best way to connect with us is via our contact form. We consider every request, although we regret we are not able to meet each need.



Each of us has the potential to be affected directly or indirectly by the suffering, hardship, crisis, or trauma experienced by other humans, living beings, or the planet itself.

People who hear about the ideas of trauma stewardship often become leaders in spreading the word. Every day, we receive e-mails from people throughout the world describing the ways that they have applied the concepts of trauma stewardship to their lives.

The books have been used as a theme for conferences, staff retreats, book groups, study groups, and support groups. They have been translated. They have been the impetus behind workplace exercise programs and yoga classes. They have been passed along from coworker to coworker, friend to friend, and family member to family member.

If you would like to help move trauma stewardship out into the world, you might consider:

  • Volunteering at existing events.
  • Creating an event in your workplace, city, or region.
  • Hosting a book club.

Be creative! Contact us with additional ideas.



We are committed to preventing finances from being a barrier to those who are seeking either our services or the books and handouts.
In this spirit, we provide as much scholarship assistance as we can and have donated countless books and handouts over the years.
Should you wish to share some of your resources so that others may benefit, we will gratefully accept your contribution.
You can reach out.


Future Tripping with Laura van Dernoot Lipsky - The Trauma Stewardship InstituteFuture Tripping Podcast

Thus far the podcast has been entirely a labor of love. For it to be sustainable, please consider supporting it here.

Take equal parts courage and humility, expertise and curiosity, vision and hard-won wisdom, add an unshakable commitment to all aspects of health, a no-nonsense, let’s-get-down-to-brass-tacks style of communicating—as well as a very generous helping of humor—and you have the huge gift that is Laura van Dernoot Lipsky.

She walks her path and blazes her trail with a grace infused with respect, devotion, and deep compassion for her fellow travelers. We are so lucky to call her our colleague, and even luckier to call her our friend.


Actor, advocate, president & founder of the Joyful Heart Foundation; Actor, writer, advocate