Upcoming Gatherings

Here are some of the places we will be in the near future.

We are constantly trying to minimize our carbon footprint by clustering our travel. We urge you to check this list and—if possible—consider joining us at an existing event or extending us an invitation to work with you at a time when we may already be near you.

  • Locations for events that are open to the public will have links to additional information.
  • Any location without a link indicates that this is an event where Laura has been invited to attend/speak, but we are not hosting. In those cases, we list the region in case someone is wanting to host an event and we can combine trips to decrease both carbon footprint and cost for folks.






Flint, Michigan – October 23, 2019 – Please click here to register or contact our host directly at WiseleyT@mottchc.org.

Washington DC

Murfreesboro, Tennessee – October 30, 2019 – Click here to register or for more information.




Syracuse, New York – November 14, 2019 – Please contact our host directly at rbregman@verahouse.org.

New York










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Laura spent time with us at Facebook engaging with employees whose roles include reviewing traumatic content. She’s incredibly engaging, genuine, and is a true expert in trauma.

Her influence lead to direct changes in our team’s self-care routine — an outcome you can’t place a value on. MAGGIE COOK

Program and Partnerships Manager, Online Safety & Security, Facebook